The National Leadership Honor Society Membership Form

Omicron Delta Kappa was the first college honor society of a national scope to give recognition and honor for meritorious leadership and service in extracurricular activities and to encourage development of general campus citizenship. Through membership in OΔK, you enter the ranks of over 300,000 women and men whose peers recognize them as scholars and leaders.

To be considered for membership, please fill out the following form and submit to your College/University Circle's Circle Coordinator. Please note that this form, fees, and participation in an induction ceremony are all prerequisites for membership in Omicron Delta Kappa.

This membership application form is only one component of the membership selection process. Please contact your local Circle Officers about deadlines and other possible additional Circle requirements. The national membership fee is $88.00. Individual circles may charge an additional amount or local dues.

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Terms and Conditions
By submitting this form, you authorize the members of the Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa Society. Inc. to which you are applying to review and discuss your grades and records of extracurricular activities maintained by your college/university or submitted by you for their consideration. Omicron Delta Kappa requires this authorization because you seek membership in the national organization.

By submitting this form, I also agree to receive communications from Omicron Delta Kappa and its duly authorized personnel. This will include but is not limited to email and printed materials. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

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